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What others say about Living Clay

“Priscilla tells a tale much like the ancient and pure tales of the creation of the first being from clay, how it was drawn into being by a longing, slammed around, kneaded, moulded, given feature, fired, and given to speak.”
Bernard Pomerance, Author and screenwriter

“It has been rumored that Priscilla can hear the clay think. Perhaps it is true: I don’t know. But I believe it much more now than I did before I read her book. All the while I thought her greatest talent was at the potters wheel or with clay in her hands. I was wrong: it is with the pen she excels and I was deeply moved by her words.”
Forest Fenn, Author

“This is a tale of a timeless land and the village that lie under an ancient enchantment spell. This place is located deep in the high desert of Northern New Mexico. I do not know who cast the spell. I fell under its influence when I was a young girl. Over half a century later its mystery continues to possess me.”
excerpts from upcoming book
A Galisteo Tale
Priscilla Hoback, Author